Creepy Clown on the Loose Terrifying Town's People at Night (PHOTO)

scary clownWhat would you do if you were driving along by yourself in the middle of the night when all of a sudden, alone on the side of the road, you saw the creepiest, most terrifying clown you'd ever seen? Would you A) crap your pants?, B) take a picture, or C) speed off knowing the odds of you getting a good night's sleep any time in the next few months were pretty much zero? Likely, your answer would be D) all of the above. And that's exactly what the poor residents of Staten Island are doing, because OMG, there's a scary clown terrorizing their town!!!


The bald, yellow-jumpsuited It-like clown has been spotted numerous times, in numerous locations, in the NYC borough. He's carrying a bouquet of balloons and slowly waves to the petrified passersby. Many have taken photos of him, and one man even got a video of the freaky costumed person.

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No one is exactly sure what's going on, but there are theories that the clown is a marketing ploy for Staten Island-based filmed production company Fuzz on the Lens Productions, which produces horror films. Michael Leavy, a director, actor, and editor for the company, posted one of the clown pics on his Instagram page, as did Vic Dibitetto, a local comedian, who appeared in at least one of the company's films.

Whether the clown is just some freak looking to scare people for no good reason or an advertisement for a film company, I'm just glad this isn't happening in my town. If I ever encountered something this creepy while alone on a dark road, I think I might have to move. Scary clowns on quiet roads in the middle of the night? Nightmare incarnate.

What would you do if you saw this? Who/what do you think this clown is?


Image via realvinnocente/Instagram

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