Man Who Woke Up Alive in Body Bag 2 Weeks Ago Now Confirmed Dead

Imagine almost dying and then getting two more weeks to spend in the company of your loving family and friends. Walter Williams' relatives say they feel blessed to have been able to spend additional time with the 78-year-old man from Mississippi, who -- miraculously -- was pronounced dead two weeks ago, placed in a body bag, and then found to be alive and well just hours later! Just as funeral workers were about to embalm the man, he began kicking and pushing his way out of the bag, making it very clear he still had fight in him and was not ready to die yet.

Sadly, but also sweetly, Williams passed away at his home yesterday in a "peaceful" manner.


The farmer was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago because of congestive heart failure. Doctors believe he was able to "trick" them into thinking he was dead because he had low blood sugar and was on medication, making it difficult for them to locate his vital signals.

He leaves behind a large family unit that includes 11 children, 15 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. Wow! And rather than feel sorry for him, they say they're extremely grateful they got to spend that extra time with him after believing he had died a few weeks ago. Within these last few weeks, the man was able to see his sister, who came from out of town, and spend time with each and every one of his grandchildren.

I believe everyone has a time to go, and it's pretty apparent Williams' time was now and not a few weeks ago. This family truly got an amazing gift. I'm betting quite a few of them took advantage of the opportunity to say things to him that they had always wanted to say, but perhaps only thought of saying when they believed he had died.

Do you believe what happened to Williams was a miracle?


Image via Natesh Ramasamy/Flickr

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