Sloppy Drunk Groom Kicked Off Flight After Ugly Fight With Bride

planeTypically, the honeymoon is the most blissful part of the whole wedding. It's finally a time to kick back and relax. However, one new bride may already be considering divorce after her husband's outrageous behavior en route to their getaway to Costa Rica.


According to reports, the groom got sloppy drunk and fought with his bride during the Delta Air Lines flight. Things were so bad that the pilot felt compelled to make an emergency landing in Grand Cayman to get the out-of-control husband off the plane.

Much to the relief of the passengers, he was escorted off the plane. However, no one was probably happier than his bride. In fact, she didn't disembark with him. She stayed on board and continued on to her honeymoon destination. So much for the vows "for better or worse."

No one expects that kind of drama at a time when they are supposed to be celebrating their love. It's unclear what the argument was about, but one thing is obvious: something is very wrong with that relationship. The fact that he got so out-of-control drunk and angry (regardless of the location) seems to be a serious red flag.

I hope the woman uses her time alone on the island to reflect about whether this man is right for her. Of course, it's not easy to end a relationship, especially after you tie the knot. But this kind of behavior should give any woman pause. And perhaps he will take the time he is in custody to think about what he has done and why it was so wrong -- to his wife, the other passengers, and the crew.

Would you take this guy back?


Image via Steven Conry/Flickr

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