Pope Francis Shocks Audience When He Drops an F-Bomb

pope francis swearsPope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church has definitely made it clear that he plans on modernizing the church. This leaves us wondering if the F-bomb he delivered at the Vatican the other day was just another example of the dude keeping it real, trying to be like the people. You know, just another gangsta and former nightclub bouncer. Next week in the tabloids: "Pope Francis -- He's Just Like You!" This text would be followed by a picture of him giving someone (in my mind it's Bono) the finger.

Don't worry, while Francis might be a revolutionary kind of new leader for the church, he won't be buying motorcycles or having "Bad to the Bone" sung in St. Peter's anytime soon. When he cursed in a speech in the Vatican on Sunday, it wasn't exactly intentional. If anything it was a totally understandable flub in a language that isn't his native tongue.


The pope, a native Argentinian, was delivering a speech on charity in Italian to a large crowd. He mixed up two words in Italian that are very, very similar in sound -- but verrrrry different in meaning. He meant to say 'caso,' which means 'for example,' and instead he said 'cazzo,' which means f*ck.

I can think of other prominent beloved international figures who've done the same sort of thing. Exhibit Kennedy's whole "I'm a donut" debacle while visiting Berlin. It's a funny enough anecdote to be sure and makes for a great media sound-byte. Though admittedly, I wish we lived in a world where we were focusing more on the guy's awesome message and less on his flubs.

Have you ever accidentally cursed in a public setting?


Image via Semilla Luz/Flickr

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