Man Miraculously Escapes Death Thanks to Bible (VIDEO)

God saved a man's life -- literally. The man, Ohio bus driver Rickey Wagoner, stopped his bus early in the morning after an electrical problem. Suddenly, three teens approached and began firing at him. Bullets pierced his hip and leg. Two others went through his chest. But, fortunately, Wagoner had God in his shirt pocket. The word of God that is -- the Bible. The book actually stopped the bullets.


The three teens are suspected to be gang members who had to shoot someone for initiation. (Can you imagine?! Why would you want to be in that club?!) When they began firing, Wagoner had a copy of The Message in his shirt pocket -- the book is the Bible "translated" into contemporary language, i.e., "So, like, in the beginning, God created awesomeness that is the heavens and Earth, ya know? 'Cause He's God! That's how He rolls!"

Not only did the word of God stop Wagoner from being killed, but it apparently gave him the strength to confront his attackers. As Wagoner fought to wrestle the gun out of one of the suspect's hands, he was stabbed in the arm by another. At that point, God told Wagoner to grab a pen from his pocket and stab him back, which he did. Actually, maybe God didn't tell him that, but he did it anyway.

Then, amazingly, the suspects dropped the gun and ran off, with Wagoner firing after them.

And even more amazingly, none of his injuries are life-threatening!

Here's this 49-year-old bus driver who managed to fight off three thugs with guns and knives. Crazy! Hallelujah!

Maybe we should all carry the Bible around in our pockets, you never know when you might need it. A miracle, indeed!

Have you ever miraculously escaped anything?

Image via ABCNews2

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