​Cop 'Cancels' Valentine's Day & Tells Men They Don't Have to Buy Gifts

If you're one of hundreds of thousands of people across the country stuck in some version of weather hell on this Valentine's Day, you will either love or hate what one sheriff in Georgia decided to do. Sheriff Scott Berry of Oconee County took to his Facebook to announce that he was canceling Valentine's Day because the area had been blasted with storm and ice and any and all other apocalyptic forms of precipitation you can imagine. Most people got a good laugh out of his post, but one angry man had some choice words for Berry for even suggesting the most important holiday of the year be postponed!


Berry was clearly joking when he posted the following:

Even if you believed the first few lines, wouldn't you have stopped to giggle at the "lottery scratchers" bit? I mean, please tell me men don't gift their wives and girlfriends with lotto tickets! Anyway, Berry's post was shared more than 1,500 times and a bunch of folks responded with humorous quips like, "Thanks Sheriff I so needed an out."

But his Facebook joke was also picked up by a few media outlets and reported as fact -- something the Sheriff had a difficult time getting over. One man from Michigan was so annoyed, he even called the Sheriff's office:

Awesome. Just fantastic.

Just as a side note: it really wouldn't be all that awful if V-Day could be postponed -- just until I can get out to a store to buy my husband a proper gift. Yep, I'm one of those weather slackers who didn't make it out in time to get anything better than a card. But I was thrilled to find out today that something my husband ordered for me from Amazon has also been delayed, so it's a no-gift V-Day all around -- whoo hoo!

Is anyone else changing their Valentine's Day plans or having a more scaled-back holiday because of the terrible weather?


Image via karen horton/Flickr

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