Women Are 'Marrying Down' More These Days, Say Unromantic Scientists

wedding cake topperBecause we all need another study about the inequalities that happen in marriage, a new survey is revealing that there are more women marrying a man who has a lesser education than she does for the first time. Because apparently this is really important.

I'm a proponent of education, but I can't help but feel this study is mean-spirited. What's it out to prove? That's it's now a trend to marry someone who hasn't kept up the same number of college credits as you did?


To the people who are thinking that we should marry a man with money, this has nothing to do with that ... just education. In fact, women with more education are still generally making less than men who aren't as educated. Let's not get distracted and go on a tangent there but let's also note how screwed up that is.

It's hard enough finding a good mate. Ahoy captain! Sorry, I can't mention mate without feeling a wee bit pirate-y. Pirates are brave! They take risks! Exactly what we do when we are falling in love and getting married. I'm not saying that marriage is a risk ... exactly. But it is in a way, so says this divorcee. Still, I love love, and marriage. So I'm going to seriously dislike this "marrying down" phrase that makes no sense and kind of sucks all the love out of what marriage is all about.

Maybe divorce lawyers created this term?

Marriage is about respect and admiration and love and not being able to imagine your life without this person in it and laughing and understanding and love, love, love. And thinking the other person is the cutest person ever, as my mom likes to tell me. Marriage is not about what degree you have or don't have.

What do you think of the term "marrying down"?


Image via Heaven Ice Day/Flickr

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