Woman Legally Changes Name to 'Sexy': 5 Times She Might Regret That

If you really hate your name, there's no reason you should have to go through life with it. And as much as I feel "Sheila" is far from being the "ugliest" name out there, 41-year-old Sheila Ranea Crabtree strongly disagrees. A judge in Ohio recently approved her request to legally change her name to "Sexy," a moniker she feels better represents her bubbly, "free-spirited" personality. So now we can all officially call her Mrs. Sexy Crabtree, which I'm having a difficult time believing hasn't already been snagged and copyrighted by writers on The Simpsons

It's great that Sexy/Sheila had the courage to do something she wanted to, and I have no doubt that someone who is this brave is also incredibly sexy and comfortable in her skin. But you have to wonder: did she consider how awkward certain situations might be once she starts introducing herself as "Sexy"?


According to Sexy, she hated the name Sheila so much that she would ground her 15-year-old daughter for referring to her by her real name. She also had a back-up plan if a judge refused her request to be renamed "Sexy": She would try for the name "Sparkle" instead. Clearly, nothing was stopping her! But here are 5 times when I wonder whether she'll regret her new name.

1. At work. Unless Sexy is employed as an artist or actress, there are few jobs I can think of where it wouldn't be extremely odd to introduce yourself as "Sexy." If you are expected to represent a company, attend meetings with strangers, sell products, etc., you are insane for changing your name to Sexy. And, if I were an employer, I would probably not even invite her in for an interview if I saw the name "Sexy" on her resume. 

2. Parent-teacher night at her daughter's school. Some teachers will get a kick out of her, I'm sure. But many are never going to forget the fact that their student's mom's name is Sexy. 

3. If she's ever seated next to a priest on a flight. Can you imagine how this introduction would go? I'm sorry, your name is ... what? Sadie? Sherry? Oh, um, oh, Sexy. Um, I see. On the other hand, it's a surefire way to ensure you get hours of shut-eye because this priest will probably end the conversation right there.

4. When she attends Grandparent's Day at her future grandkid's school. "Grandma Sexy" is going to be the only thing the other grandmothers talk about at dinner that night.

5. When she has to speak with any customer service representative from any company on Earth. "Could you repeat that, maam? Your name is ... I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"

Do you think Sheila will regret changing her name to Sexy? Have you ever thought about changing your name? 

Image via Alan O'Rourke/Flickr

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