U.S. Bobsledder Who Punched Down Bathroom Door Gets Trapped AGAIN (PHOTOS)

olympic athlete johnny quinn breaks down doorUsually someone punching a hole through a door is seen as cause for enrolling in an anger management program. But when an Olympic athlete does it, they're praised for their enormous feat of strength and lauded as the Incredible Hulk. At least that seems to be the takeaway from one of the kookier stories out of Sochi in the last few days ...

American bobsledder and former Green Bay Packers player Johnny Quinn was in his bathroom in the Olympic Village when the door jammed on Saturday. Instead of waiting for help or figuring out some other inventive way to escape, he opted to smash down the door with swift, hard punches. Then take a photo of the damage he did and share it on Twitter -- obviously.

Okay, okay, to be fair, apparently he did cry for help seeing if he could "catch someone's attention," and he banged "on random parts of the wall ... going around the bathroom," but no one came to his rescue before he says his fist went through the door. So then he just kept going!


Here's the evidence he shared with the world ... 


Good job, Johnny! And as if that wasn't enough of a "superhero antic" for you, the guy got trapped in an elevator earlier today!


He had to be joking, right? Oh well, if he wasn't, I hope it presented an opportunity for him to use his brains in addition to all that overwhelming brawn.

Have you ever had to "escape" like Johnny Quinn?


Image via Johnny Quinn/Twitter

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