Ashley Wagner's Hilarious Reaction at Sochi Olympics Becomes a Viral Meme

Ashley WagnerShe should be making headlines for her fantastic figure skating at the Sochi Olympics, but instead, Ashley Wagner is causing a media frenzy because of her animated reaction to her lower than expected scores.

Remember McKayla Maroney? Yeah, Ashley's officially become that girl -- and the internet is having a field day with her.

Although she did help the US team advance to the next event, the figure skater became visibily angry when she ended up with a score of 63.10 which landed her in fourth place. Let's just say she's really, really bad at hiding her feelings.

Watch the infamous moment below:


Ashley Wagner

Did you say BULLSHIT, Ashley? That's pretty amazing. You tell them judges how you feel, girlfriend.

Hopefully Ashley embraces this just like McKayla Maroney did. If so, then we'll be seeing a whole lot of "bullshit" faces for a very long time.

Do you find her reaction hilarious or embarrassing?


Image via AshleyWagner/Twitter


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