Woman Jailed for Leaving Nasty Comments on Her Own Facebook Page

Ah, Internet trolls. What is it about some people that compel them to sit behind a glowing computer screen and leave nasty comments to other people just for the sake of being mean? Even if that concept appealed to me, I seriously don’t have time for that.

One woman not only had time for that, but she trolled herself! Well, kind of. Michelle Chapman is now serving a 20-month sentence in jail for setting up bogus Facebook accounts for her father and stepmother and sending herself disgusting, sexually explicit messages from them.


She then reported the “abuse” to the cops, who detained and questioned her confused family members.

It seems that Chapman had gotten into an argument with her father and his wife over a year ago and then plotted her scheme to split them up. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t understand that she left digital footprints online.

Experts were able to trace the vile messages back to where they’d been sent from, and as it turns out, it was from Chapman’s own computer. I suppose it’s nice to know that as technology makes harassment easier than ever, it also makes bullies and imposters easier to catch.

Like the time a few people started leaving really derogatory comments on my personal blog. It was quite disgusting, so I was searching around in the back page to see if I could block them from commenting. Lo and behold, the three or four guys in conversation all came from the same IP address. It was just one guy pretending to be several so he could bully me. What a jerk!

Anyway, in addition to being jailed for 20 months, Chapman also had her computer confiscated and was issued a restraining order against contacting her victims.

Have you ever been bullied online?


Image via Adib Roy/Flickr

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