16 Weird & Totally Terrifying Things the TSA Find in People's Luggage (PHOTOS)

grenadesIf you are like me, the most you've ever tried to get past a TSA guard is a few toiletries that didn't fit into the required zip-top baggie. Most of the 638,705,790 passengers don't even try to get a bottle of Evian through these days. The rules are clear and finite. Though not everyone sees it that way. The TSA has shared some of the crazy things that passengers have tried to smuggle in their checked and carry-on luggage. It just may leave you shocked and terrified to fly.


Image via TSA

  • Suicide Vest


    Image via TSA

    Agents found an inert suicide vest in a checked bag. Eventually they determined it was a training aid used by an explosives instructor.

  • Guns Guns Guns


    Image via TSA

    Apparently, the right to bear arms also means fly with them. The TSA found 1,813 guns in carry-on bags and 1,477 of those were actually loaded.

  • Black Powder


    Image via TSA

    Ten containers (24 pounds total) of explosive black powder were found at Chicago Midway Airport.

  • Blasting Cap & Fuse Initiator


    Image via TSA

    Can't imagine this guy's excuse for packing a live cap and fuse in his carry-on at Manhattan Regional Airport in Kansas.

  • C4


    Image via TSA

    At a checked bag in Seattle, a block of inert C4 with duct tape and wires coming out of it were found.

  • Bazooka Round


    Image via TSA

    A WWII inert bazooka round was discovered in a checked bag in Chicago.

  • Grenades ... Lots of Grenades


    Image via TSA

    Agents found 139 inert, novelty, and replica grenades across the country in 2013.

  • Flash Bang Grenade


    Image via TSA

    While not a bomb, it could be used as a diversion or to cause panic. Scary stuff.

  • Flare Gun


    Image via TSA

    One guy at Houston Hobby Airport had a flare gun and six flares in his carry-on bag.

  • Throwing Stars


    Image via TSA

    Apparently throwing stars were incredibly popular contraband this year too.

  • Knives AND Swords


    Image via TSA

    These were just some of the sharp objects confiscated.

  • Human Skull


    Image via TSA

    Like an episode of CSI or Bones, this turned the Fort Lauderdale baggage department into a crime scene.

  • Mace


    Image via TSA

    This Medieval weapon was found at Chicago Midway.

  • Pen Knife


    Image via TSA

    It may be small, but it's still considered a concealed weapon.

  • Cane Swords


    Image via TSA

    These deadly weapons were cleverly disguised as canes. Crazy, right?

  • Stun Gun, Cellphones & Other Oddities


    Image via TSA

    Hats off to the TSA for finding these cleverly hidden weapons.

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