Man Lives to Seriously Regret Asking His Ex-Wife to Be His Housekeeper

Ah, marriage. One day, you're madly in love, vowing eternal loyalty. A few decades and a day later, your husband is suggesting you be his housekeeper for him and his new girlfriend. Yes, this really happened. Reportedly, a millionaire had the temerity to ask his wife of 30-something years to clean house -- for him and his new honey. The couple had apparently gotten divorced but decided to continue occupying in the same living quarters. All was apparently going well until the day the 70-something-year-old guy moved his younger girlfriend and her 12-year-old daughter into the abode. And then I guess he thought his ex-wife should keep busy.


The unnamed man then proposed that his wife be his and his new gal's "housekeeper." If you've seen Federico Fellini's 8 1/2, this scenario might sound familiar. Only the main character would send his mistresses up to the "room upstairs" when they got old. At least this wife probably got to walk around the entire house.

The man had reportedly threatened suicide whenever the wife spoke of splitting their assets, thus their continued state of living together for five years after the divorce. All went well (in that weird I'm-gonna-emotionally-manipulate-you-to-get-what-I-want way) until the guy moved in his new girlfriend and tried to make his ex-wife the maid (probably to continue this cozy arrangement he had of not splitting assets).

At this point, the ex finally decided to take him to court. And the millionaire was actually shocked when his ex began using "aggressive" tactics to get half of their mutually accumulated fortune. Eventually, she walked away with half of the estate. That'll teach you to ask your ex-wife to become your maid!

What's amazing here is that the guy didn't somehow intuit that this would be demeaning to his wife and she might not take it very well. Being replaced by a younger woman is bad enough -- being asked to be that younger woman's bed maker is something entirely different.

Guys, just FYI, if you want your divorce to go smoothly, might want to refrain from idiotic suggestions like this at least until the settlement is hammered out. This guy's ex did "clean up" but it wasn't in the way he expected.

Did your ex ever suggest some ridiculous arrangement during your divorce?


Image via thisgeekredes/Flickr

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