Cow Farts Nearly Blow the Roof Off a Barn -- No, Really

If you’ve ever been near a dairy, you know that bovine flatulence is something to behold. It stinks, man. But other than assaulting our olfactory senses, it turns out that cow farts can actually cause some real damage.

Take one heard of cows in central Germany, for instance. They nearly blew the roof off their barn when the methane passed by the animals exploded. That’s right, cow farts almost burned a barn down.


Thankfully the roof was only slightly damaged and only one cow was slightly burned, so we can laugh about this, because holy crap it’s funny.

According to police, there were 90 cows in the shed, but they don’t know why there was so much trapped methane. They believe “a static electric charge apparently triggered the detonation.”

No people were hurt.

Did you know cow farts could be so dangerous?

Image via Nic Stage/Flickr

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