Man Wearing Google Glass in Theater Detained in Another Silly Move by Cops

So Google Glass has turned out to be quite controversial, hasn’t it? Who’d have thunk that the ultimate geek accessory could lead to so many supposed criminal activities?

Did you hear about the guy that got detained by the Department of Homeland Security last weekend for allegedly using Google Glass to record a movie? The man and his wife were watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, when a man with a badge ushered them outside.


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The man with the Google Glass had recently had custom prescription lenses added to his frames, and had been wearing them because he wanted to see the movie in a non-fuzzy fashion. The Glass device had been turned off, but the authorities seemed to be convinced that he had been recording the movie, as pirating has been an issue at that particular theater.

It all turned out to be a misunderstanding, and he was eventually wasn’t charged with anything, because he had, in fact, not been recording anything. Google Glass can apparently only film about 45 minutes anyway, so it would’ve been very unsatisfying to sit down and watch that bootlegged movie anyway.

But this isn’t the first time Google Glass has had run-ins with the law.

A San Diego woman was pulled over last October for driving while wearing the Google Glass, but her citation was thrown out last week because there was “no proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that the device was on.

I feel the same way about Google Glass as I do about smartphones -- don’t use them to do anything illegal, and don’t act stupidly while using them. We already have traffic laws and anti-piracy laws, and just because people are wearing Google Glass doesn’t mean that they’re breaking them.

Law enforcement should take a more relaxed attitude toward the glasses. Unless there’s a reason to suspect someone of breaking the law, leave the Google geeks alone.

Have you tried Google Glass yet?


Image via Ted Eyton/Flickr

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