Man Reads Own Obituary in Paper -- And It's Not a Typo

newspaperPicture this. You're having a cup of coffee, reading the morning paper when suddenly you happen upon an obituary that catches your eye: Your own.

And it isn't a situation in which someone has the same name as you, and it's just an odd coincidence that they were your age when they "died," as well. It's your obituary. It celebrates you. It talks about your life, mentions the people you love, even has your photo! Weird, right?

For one man, Sven-Olof Svensson, this Twilight Zone episode incarnate was a reality. And his sister, the woman responsible for the obit, had a really strange reason for writing it.


Svensson's 90-year-old sister misunderstood the doctor and thought her brother was dead. Not sure exactly how the conversation went -- maybe the doc said, "Your brother's in bed" and she thought he said, "Your brother's dead"? -- but yep. She, along with Sven's friend, Lars Faltskog, sat down and wrote his obituary -- which then ran. When Faltskog went to pick up Sven's things from the hospital, he was shocked to see, well, Sven, standing there before him.

Although it was one of the stranger, more unsettling situations he's ever been in, Sven managed to find the humor in it and even offered a little wisdom. "It's understandable to me that there may have been a mistake, even if it was fatal, in this case," Svensson said, "We are all on the same road. Sooner or later, you are going to end up in the obituary section. I've lived a fantastic long life."

That's a pretty great attitude to have, if you ask me. To both think it's kind of amusing and to take it as an opportunity to take stock of your life and all the wonderful things you've had in it. May we all have a fake obituary, at least once in our lives.

What would your obituary say?


Image via NS Newsflash/Flickr

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