Family Discovers Wrong Body in the Casket Hours Before the Wake

Just hours before a Rhode Island family was to receive callers for the wake of their mother, it was discovered that the wrong body was in the casket. Lisa Kondvar was shocked to discover the body of a stranger in the place where her mother Margaret Porkka should have been.

The family went ahead with the wake, albeit with a closed casket, because what else could they do? Now they want answers as to how this mix-up occurred.


Porkka had been in St. Maarten for vacation over Thanksgiving when she died expectantly. Her body was prepared at a funeral home there, but instead of sending her home, they may have sent the body of a Canadian woman who also died on the island at the same time. That’s kind of a big whoopsie-daisy there, guys, especially considering that the two women reportedly looked nothing alike.

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To make matters even worse? The family believes that the remains of their mother were cremated in Ottawa. If the ashes are determined to be those of Porkka, the family will take possession, but it’s obvious not how they wanted their mother memorialized.

The woman’s widower, Kondvar’s 82-year-old father, is “very angry and bitter” about not being able to say goodbye to wife of more than 60 years. He had been unable to accompany the family to the Caribbean, and now he’s been robbed of his sense of closure by this grievous error.

The family has hired a private detective and is looking for an international lawyer to hopefully get to the bottom of this. The funeral home has been uncooperative. A cause of death was not provided, and her death certificate even listed her as a man.

How tragic! To lose a beloved family member is bad enough, but then to not have the opportunity to say goodbye? That just sucks.

How upset would you be to discover someone else's body in your mom's coffin?


Image via mike krzeszak/Flickr

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