Man Walks 29 Miles in Freezing Cold to Court & Gets Shocking Treatment By Cops

Some people take their civic responsibility very seriously. A man in Lilburn, Georgia was so intent on making his date in traffic court, he walked 29 miles in freezing temperatures because his car was totaled. To get there in time, he left his home at 1 a.m. for the 8-hour journey. With the wind chill, it felt like 10 below zero. He says he was determined to get to court because he didn't want a warrant issued  if he just didn't show up. All that to respond to a traffic ticket! The only thing more surprising is how the cops treated him when he got to court.


The police were amazed at the lengths this man had gone to and the potential danger he put his life in. They say they aren't even sure how he survived. It was the coldest the city had been since 1996.

The worst part is, his public defender didn't even show up that day. When the man started to make his journey back home -- BY FOOT -- Officer Andy Blimline stepped in and offered to pay for a cab. He at first refused, but several of the officers insisted on chipping in for the $80 ride.

"You could see in the man's eyes that he was genuinely touched, as I was," said Lt. Chris Dusik. "I'm truly proud of how Officer Blimline represented the city."

What a lovely sentiment. It's especially nice to see that the cops appreciated his effort. They could have shrugged their shoulders and let the poor guy shuffle back home in the freezing cold but they opened their hearts -- and more importantly their wallets -- and gave him safe, warm passage home.

Has a police officer ever done something nice and unexpected for you?

Image via Gustaaf Prins/Flickr

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