Couple Gets Engaged in Photo Booth but Crazy Backdrop Steals Their Thunder

marriage proposal beaverCapturing the exact moment you get engaged is what we call a framer -- display proudly, make it your profile picture. It's usually one of those happy smiley, ring on display kind of pics with a "She said yes!" or "I'm engaged!" proclamations. It makes you all warm and fuzzy inside and you immediately hope you will be invited to the wedding.

But this engagement photo of Chelsea Toston saying yes to Layton Smith... it's something that makes you feel all that and more.


Chelsea and Layton were having some fun on a Saturday at the Oklahoma Aquarium just outside of Tulsa. They probably saw some fish, said wow to the sharks, had that sense of peace that goes through you when they saw the turtles swimming ... because that happens to you, too, right? But then something magical happened. Something the seals and the seahorses couldn't quite predict.

Layton took Chelsea into the photo booth. They were sitting all close, and Chelsea had to choose a background for the photo strip so she choose the aquarium one to document their outing. And then it happened! Layton popped the question moments before the camera started clicking. The result? A beaver making a cute appearance on the photo that launched a thousand wedding thoughts.

"Had I known this was going to be our engagement photo," she said. "I might have chosen a different background." Personally, I think it's rad. Plus, look at her nails! Perfectly manicured. The kiss? Love it. And it looks like little beaver is hugging them, clearly giving his seal of approval. Super sweet! Congrats you two ... three if you count beaver.

What do you think of this engagement photo? Do you have one or have seen one that's funny as well?

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