Man Asks for Jail to Escape a Nagging Wife but Haven't We Heard This Before?

A man prefers prison over his wife. Reportedly, Walid Chaabani, who lives in Italy, was under house arrest where he was serving time for drug-related charges, but his homelife with his wife became so "difficult and unbearable" that he went to police and asked to spend the rest of his sentence in prison. Apparently Bubba in cell block 10 was preferable to "continuously fighting with his wife." Sound kind of incredible? Or familiar? Or both? Well, maybe that's because it is.


Apparently, there is a rash of men preferring prison over time at home with their wives. In 2009, a man in Sicily, serving house arrest for dumping hazardous waste, reportedly begged police to put him in jail instead of listening to his wife harague him about not paying for the upkeep of his two children.

In 2005, another man in Italy (hmmm) who was serving a "curfew" for immigration-related offenses, begged the cops to jail him so he could get away from his wife's "nagging."

A blog called Legends and Rumors chronicled another nine stories of men who either committed crimes to get into prison or asked to be returned back to prison after release to get away from their wives. All of the stories are attributed to real news organizations. At least three were in the U.S.

So what we've got here is a bunch of seriously unbearable wives -- or a bunch of guys who enjoy prison -- or a bunch of hooey. When you think about it though, it could happen. In prison, guys are taken care of. They're fed, housed, clothed. They're told what to do. When to eat, sleep, piss.

They get home and suddenly they have to step up to the plate, fix the doorknobs, earn their keep, help take care of children. I could see where some types of guys might prefer jail over real responsibilities.

On the other hand, this might be just one of those apocryphal tales that universally make people chuckle -- and is somehow reported as real news.

Do you think this really happens?


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