Woman Posts 'Missing' Fliers for Man She Met Once in a Bar

Here's one woman who may have taken the idea "once you find a good guy, you don't let him go" a little too far. After meeting and chatting with Ben at a bar in Virginia right before Christmas, Courtney left with friends without providing him with a way to contact her. No worries. The gutsy girl vowed to find him by posting 60 "missing" fliers around town, which included her phone number. Crazy romantic ... or just flat-out crazy? 


Courtney, who calls herself "unpredictable," says she and Ben shared a great conversation at the Light Horse bar. We know how rare it can be to "click" with someone anywhere you go -- particularly at a place where everyone is drinking -- so I get her eagerness to meet up with him again. I also remember being single and how easy it can be to take off without exchanging phone numbers, especially if you're the sort of girl who expects a guy to make that move and he doesn't. 

But you really have to have a great deal of confidence and spunk to hang up signs everywhere that read, "Ben (from the Light Horse), I made the wrong choice on Dec. 23rd. Call me! Courtney," along with your digits. Maybe she lives in a supremely safe place, but all I'd be thinking is: Oh man, what did I do? A million psychos are going to call me now. Must rip those signs down!

But, hey, her actions apparently worked! Ben got in touch with her and now Courtney isn't so quick to reveal the results of their other encounters. Perhaps he asked her to, um, be a little more discreet from now on?

If I were on the receiving end of this sort-of flattering attempt to woo me, I have to admit I'd be a little cautious. As sweet as I think it is to do crazy, only-seen-in-movies things for someone you feel could be the "one," I question how well it translates to the real world. There's a fine line between being seen as sweet and romantic and seeming a little unhinged.

This kind of crosses into unhinged territory for me because she posted her phone number and had only met him once. But who knows? Maybe she truly felt that connection, and because of her brave actions, these two will wind up married with beautiful, fearless children.

Do you think this woman was brave or nuts for posting "missing" fliers to find a guy she liked? 


Image via Lel4nd/Flickr

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