Woman's Horrific Facebook 'Selfie' May Have Saved Her Life

There are times when Facebook is so annoying you just want to log off of it forever ... but there are also times it can save your life. One woman resorted to using Facebook to get help after her husband allegedly beat her to a bloody pulp. He also ripped the phone out of the wall, leaving her with no way to dial 911. So she did the unthinkable ... and posted a picture of her bloody and battered face to her wall and begged for help.


It reportedly all started when Susann Stacy's husband overheard her talking to a man on the telephone in the bathroom. This could make any husband angry, depending, but it gives you no right to do what Donnie Stacy was then arrested for -- pistol whipping her across the face until she was barely recognizable.

Susann couldn't use the landline phone and wasn't getting a cell connection, but she did still have Wi-Fi. So she uploaded a pic of herself -- possibly for evidence, possibly to impress upon everyone the seriousness of the situation -- and wrote: "Help please anyone."

I'm trying to think what it would be like seeing this pop up in my feed. I think I wouldn't completely know if this was a joke. People do all kinds of weird things on Facebook. I often see people posting about their terrible lives -- sometimes talking about their depression -- and wonder if this is a serious cry for help and that person is suicidal, or if it's just venting. A couple of times I have reached out to people privately, but at the end of the day, I can't be the Facebook psychiatrist, continually gauging the daily moods of my almost 1,000 friends.

Luckily, though, someone took this update seriously and called the police, who went to the Stacy house. They found the gun allegedly used in the attack (which was loaded) under the tire swing their son uses. How utterly sad to know that they have a child, and one who may have witnessed this attack.

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A detective on the case says that people relying on social media for emergency help has risen. The advent of smartphones and computers means people are less likely to have landlines, and more likely to have the Internet, leading them to use social media like a lifeline.

Some people are criticizing Susann for posting such a graphic photo -- but would anyone have called the police if she hadn't resorted to this?

The dark and twisted nature of domestic violence is such that it's possible this marriage isn't over yet. But for the sake of Susann and her son, I certainly hope it is.

Have you ever seen a call for help on Facebook?



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