Woman Who Returned Lost Purse Is Shocked By News Report

moneyA woman in Oklahoma had no idea that her act of basic kindness would be the key to saving her life. When makeup artist Teriasia Dean was walking in a parking lot, she came across a purse left on the ground. Dean looked inside the purse, deduced who it belonged to, and, in an admirable act of citizenship, saw that it was returned to the grateful woman who'd lost it.

What the purse's owner didn't know is that Dean was in dire financial straits. She'd spent many days in the hospital over the past year due to a chronic medical condition. She was also so behind on her rent that unless she ponied up close to $700, she would find herself evicted and with no place to go. 


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Dean didn't even think of taking the money that she found inside nor did she expect any kind of reward. She simply returned the purse because it was the right thing to do. That's just the sort of person she is. It kind of makes me weepy to think of. I know a lot of people who are a lot more well off than Dean who wouldn't have returned the contents of that wallet, adhering instead to the adage of "finder's keepers." That's why what happened next is so touching. 

When a local news outlet aired the story of Dean's story, the message of her good deed prompted an outpouring of support from viewers. When the TV News Crew went to follow up with her, they brought along an anonymous donation of $800. The shocked Dean seemed almost not to believe her good fortune. I dare you to watch the video and not cry. I definitely shed a tear, and then squeezed one of my cats against her will kind of hard. WHATEVER, WORTH IT.   

Would you have returned the purse? 

Image via artist in doing nothing/Flickr

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