Neighbor's Sick 'Falling Man' Holiday Display Fools Woman Into Calling 911 (VIDEO)

falling man display

Tis' the season for flashing lights and reindeer displays -- but it's highly obvious that one man in Georgia took the whole whimsical holiday decorating concept a bit too far.

Bubba Murphy hung a "falling man" outside of an upstairs window in his home -- and the mannequin is so realistic, it actually prompted one woman to call 911 after believing there was truly a person hanging on for dear life from the ledge -- about to lose his grip.


Check out this video to hear how this dude's attempt at a Christmas prank resulted in police cars and fire trucks winding up outside his door.

OMG. What a dummy! (No pun intended.)

I understand that he only put the display up there as a joke -- but I wonder how many tax payer dollars wound up being wasted to send emergency crews to his house?!?

And I guess this would make a little bit of sense if it were a Halloween display -- but who tries to fool people into thinking there's a person dangling from a window on Christmas? This is supposed to be a time for reflecting on all things good and holy -- not tricking people into thinking someone's about to be seriously injured or worse!

Oh, and can you believe he put the display back up -- due to popular demand? What kind of sick people live in this area who take pleasure in seeing a fake person clinging to the side of a house?!?

Gah. Can't we make some sort of universal rule that holiday decorations are not allowed to go beyond cheer and good tidings? (Mental note -- stay far, far away from the Atlanta suburbs around Christmas.)

Do you think the falling dude is funny or tasteless?


Image via azcentral

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