Crazy-in-Love Man Proposes to Girlfriend Mid-Arrest

handcuffsMany women are candid about the fact that their engagements weren't ideal. Be it because someone was present they'd rather not have been or because they knew their significant other was going to pop the question, a lot of proposals weren't everything they dreamed of. But one woman in Oklahoma takes the buttercream-frosted cake: Her now-fiance popped the question, mid-arrest, with the help of the police officer.

That's right, I said now-fiance. The lady said yes!


Justin Harrel took his girlfriend to a park last Friday to ask for her hand in marriage. But before he could get down on one knee, a police officer spotted him and arrested him for outstanding warrants he had for obtaining cash or merchandise by bogus check. But after he was handcuffed and taken into custody, Harrel confessed that he was justabout to propose to his girlfriend -- and he still wanted to, despite the unsavory circumstances.

Perhaps it was because it's the holiday season, the cop agreed to let Harrel go through with it. And after she said yes, the policeman even took the ring out of Harrel's coat pocket and gave it to the woman. Weird? Definitely. But as far as proposals go, doesn't get much more memorable than this.

I don't think too many women, when asked how they'd like their proposal to go, would say, "Right in the middle of when my boyfriend is getting arrested." But there's no denying one thing here -- this couple is in love. For this guy to still have his proposal on his mind while getting arrested -- and for this woman to still say yes -- really says something: They want to be together, no matter what.

Some may say agreeing to marry a man who's in handcuffs is a sign of bad things to come (and they may be right), but I'm choosing to look at this as sticking with your partner "for worse."

Now. Let's just hope they get to the "better" part soon.

Marrying a dude in handcuffs: Romantic or worst idea ever?


Image via Renate Forster/Westend61/Corbis

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