Woman Walking & Facebooking Falls Off Pier

st kilda pierMany of us are guilty of burying our faces in our phones to stay clued in to what's happening on our social networks. I've done it. But never when going for a long walk on a short pier. I mean ... come on. There are just some times that being entranced with Facebook or Instagram or Twitter has to stop for your own safety. Times like walking through a shooting range. Or while you are doing some extreme ice rock climbing. Even jaywalking when you don't have the cross signal. And texting while walking through the mall near a fountain. Add to that of course going for a walk on a pier.

One 20-something-year-old woman was in Australia on vacation from Taiwan, and instead of taking in the beauty of the historic St. Kilda pier (pictured), she was walking and checking her Facebook and fell into the water. You might want to laugh, but she nearly drowned.


Bad news, my friends. The young lady took the plunge of the nearly drowning for real variety around 11:30 p.m. so it was dark, but a witness saw her fall in and called police. The unidentified woman couldn't swim but managed to stay afloat thanks to her backpack until police arrived about 20 minutes later to pluck her from the water still with cellphone in hand. Perhaps that's the key? Anyone who must walk and look at their phone must also be equipped with flotation devices?

A police spokesperson said, "When we brought her on board one of the first things she did was apologize and say sorry. She explained that she was on her phone checking her Facebook page when she fell into the water." Embarrassing. Glad her name was left out of the papers. Though maybe she Instagrammed the whole aftermath.

She was taken to the hospital and checked out, but luckily didn't seem to suffer from hypothermia.

Maybe there should be a no phone use while walking rule. Or maybe we all need to be a little less social media obsessed. I'm glad she's okay regardless.

Have you ever had a near accident of some sort because you were on your phone?


Image via Ryk Neethling/Flickr

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