2 Little Girls Booted From Grocery Store for Singing Christmas Carols

christmas carolersI don't care who you are when you see kids caroling in their joyful angelic voices, you pause and your insides are coated with happiness and sugarplums dance in your head. No? Oh. You must be one of those wanting to wage a war on Christmas. On anything merry and bright. That's what happened when two girls wanted to "give a warm fuzzy feeling to anyone who walked by" and started singing carols at a Vancouver, Washington, WinCo grocery store. They were told to stop because they might offend the customers.

Look, I know we all don't celebrate Christmas, but it's not like these kids were handing out JOIN US pamphlets and asking people to drink the Kool-Aid. They were just being adorable, not asking for money, with no agenda except to bring joy to the world.


Is joy not allowed in parking lots anymore? I guess they'd rather have grumpies getting pissed that someone parked over the line in a prime spot. Or annoyed when there are 465 carts scattered around.

The girls, who haven't been identified by name, sang songs like "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Silent Night" but were told to stop by an employee because that kind of stuff isn't allowed. They weren't even selling anything, just singing. One of the girls told KATU-TV: "I was, like, bummed ... We were both depressed that we couldn’t spread anymore love, joy, and cheer." Once the reporter arrived, called by one of the girl's mother who was upset about this, they went into the store to find out why. They were given the store attorney's phone number who ended up saying the girls would likely be able to return to the parking store lot to give warm fuzzy feelings to anyone who walked by. I hope that happens.

I celebrate Christmas, but if a stranger on the street wished me a happy Hanukkah, I would be delighted, say thank you, and wish that person a happy Hanukkah as well. And that's because I respect all people, all holidays, all the lovely things that are celebrated. Why can't I have a happy Hanukkah even though I don't celebrate it? I want to have a happy Hanukkah, a merry Christmas, a joyful Kwanzaa. I want to have happy days and if anyone wished me one, I'd be thankful, it would make me smile ... give me that warm fuzzy feeling.

And isn't that the point? Of ... life? Why go through it grumpy and grinchy and mad at everything? Why tell these kids to stop when they are doing something nice? We don't need a war on Christmas, or any beautiful holiday people celebrate. We need more cheer.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jungle bell rock, jingle bells swing and ....

What do you think? Should these girls be allowed to carol in the parking lot?


Image via KATU-TV

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