Man Showers Shoppers With His Last $1,000 & Gets Punished

money showerIf you were doing your holiday shopping this weekend in a mall, and a man suddenly started showering the crowds with money, what would you do? A) Try to grab some of that cash for yourself, or B) alert the authorities, because throwing $1,000 around is just plain weird? I'm guessing most people would go with A, because, duh, free money is awesome. So why on earth was a good Samaritan who did this very thing ticketed for his kind deed?


Serge Vorobyov, 29, threw his last $1,000 over of a third-story railing while a band played "Let It Snow" at a Minneapolis Mall. Why'd he do it? He just wanted to "spread some holiday cheer." Vorobyov apparently had just finished with a divorce so bitter his ex "took the cat and won't tell [him] where it is."

"I thought I would just spread some holiday cheer ... pay it forward," he said. "I don’t see how holiday cheer is disorderly conduct." Mall security says the stunt could have caused a serious disturbance, hence the disorderly conduct ticket, despite the crowd remaining remarkably calm during the incident.

I'm sure there are people out there who agree with authorities and think Vorobyov was right to get a ticket since things could have gotten out of hand. But they didn't. No one was injured; everyone's fine. All this man wanted to do was share his money with other people around the holidays -- no strings attached. Should he have gotten a permit before he did this? Cleared it with Gap, Sbarro, and Lord & Taylor?

It's a shame that this is what the world we live in. A world where showering people with money will get you in trouble. And what's an even bigger shame is now this poor guy has to pay for something he did with money he no longer has. Womp womp.

Here's the video of the money shower, and after that is Vorobyov's explanatory video.

Do you think this man should have been ticketed?


Image via Serge the Car Hauler/YouTube

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