Couple Save Life of Man Injured While Breaking Into Their Home (VIDEO)

burglarI've heard of bizarre burglaries before, but this one takes the cake. Homeowners caught a man inside their house who had badly injured himself during the break-in. So what do they do? They help save the life of the thief who tried to rob them blind.


It certainly wasn't the easiest mark for a thief. To get into the house, he had to jump five feet into the air to bust open the window with his elbow, then pull himself inside. That is how he hurt himself, according to police. He cut his arm so severely, it appears he may have sliced open an artery.

It was quite a frightening sight for the resident that found him. Pablo Solorio was sleeping when he heard glass shatter. He got up to find the guy walking through his home bleeding and screaming for help. Solorio helped him to the bathroom to stop the bleeding while his girlfriend called 911. What a nightmare! The robber was taken to the hospital and is now in critical condition.

There are a ton of things that come to mind when the words “home invasion” pop up. Valuables gone. Place ransacked. Fear. Danger. Loss of feeling secure. But I am confident that coming to the rescue of said burglar is never a thought. It's wonderful how this couple took pity on this man. I probably would be so scared out of my mind, I'd flee the house leaving him to bleed to death. So many questions would come to mind. If he hadn't been hurt, what would he have done? Would he have attacked me or my family during the burglary?

It just so happened that Solorio says he had met the thief a week earlier and he kept saying, "Pablo, help me, help me." Thank goodness that couple were so calm and caring, even during a situation where they were being victimized. They likely saved his life.

How would you have reacted in this situation? Would you have helped this burglar?

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