65-Year-Old Man Presents Younger Woman With a 'Bill' for All He Spent on Her (VIDEO)

They say there's no fool like an old fool. But was 65-year-old Bruce Dusting a fool or just a kind-hearted man who was tricked into love -- and giving away tons of his money -- by a younger woman? Marie Lacombe, 42, was astonished when her longtime friend Bruce asked her to marry him and, when she declined the invitation, was presented with a long itemized list of everything he'd ever spent on her. The list included everything from big ticket items like plastic surgery to small outlays like Zumba classes and Tupperware. The total? About $190,000.


Dusting apparently kept detailed records of everything he ever spent on the single mom in their four years of being "friends" and wanted his money back. 

The two met when she became his dance instructor. Over the years, as can sometimes happen with male-female relations, one party seemed to think the relationship was one thing, the other the complete opposite.

When Lacombe turned down his marriage proposal, Dusting brought out the books, which kept track of every dinner, every birthday party for her kids, and every boob job (okay, there was just one of those) he'd ever paid for. Dusting is now claiming those were loans; Lacombe just thought he was a generous dude.

"This Marie has just destroyed every thought of humanity that I've had for other people," Dusting moaned to Australia's A Current Affair.

Lacombe, for her part, counters that she acted as his unpaid secretary for four years and deserved the gifts.

I don't think that Dusting has much of a legal case here, given that the two weren't married or even engaged -- and if you don't have a written agreement of a loan, good luck ever getting your money back.

What Lacombe did wasn't right, but Dusting shouldn't get to ignore all common sense. How about "dating" someone who isn't asking you for money every other day? Lacombe knew exactly what was going on and chose to ignore it for the sake of lining her pockets. Dusting didn't know what was going on, but at least should have clarified it by the time he was socked with her boob job bill.

Ah, love. So blind. And sometimes so stupid.

Who do you think was in the wrong here?

Image via epSOSde/Flickr

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