'Ghost' Haunts Parking Lot & Rips Mirror Off Policeman's Car (VIDEO)

There are haunted houses and bars and hotels, so why not a haunted ... parking lot? Seems a bit unlikely -- what spirit would want to hang around a parking lot? -- but a surveillance camera in Hartford, Connecticut picked up a white ghostly "fog" swirling around parked cars -- even ripping the mirror clean off one of the vehicles and tossing it violently around the lot. Hey, Stephen King did write about a haunted car -- so who is to say that poltergeists wouldn't take up residence in a parking lot, especially if he or she died in a case of road rage?


The man whose car was damaged was a police officer and another cop said of the disturbing incident:

At the end of his shift, he went out to his car and found his rear view mirror had been damaged and it was lying there next to his vehicle.

Thinking that a vandal had ripped his mirror off and damaged his car, the cops played back the surveillance footage -- only to see that the vandal was a white specter that quickly swirled in and out of the lot.

While some of the cops seem to think the lot is haunted, apparently there is a terrestrial reason for the white whirling dervish -- a meteorologist says that the "ghost" is most likely a small tornado or "dust devil."

But the weatherman says that a dust devil ripping off a car mirror, tossing it across the parking lot, and then depositing it right back near the car is spooky to say the least.

What do you think?

Image via Daily Mail Online

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