Mourning Bride Marries Dummy After Fiance's Sudden Death

tuxedoWhen a person loses a loved one, it's always sad. When a bride-to-be loses her fiance just days before their wedding, it's absolutely tragic. I can't imagine the feeling of loss, not to mention all of the regret about the new life they were not able to start together as a married couple.

So on one hand, I can completely understand why one bride in Serbia went ahead with her wedding ceremony -- even though her groom has passed away. Twenty-one-year-old Sanja Seke, mourning the loss of her fiance Igor, went through with their bought-and-paid-for wedding, dressing a dummy up in the suit her groom was supposed to wear. I can't even handle the sadness levels. THERE IS TOO MUCH SAD IN HERE. 


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I can see how she might have viewed going ahead with the ceremony as a fitting testament to his memory. In a way it's very Great Expectations of her. But on the other hand, and this is the one I've been leaning on lately with this story, it seems a bit like the actions of a woman too enmeshed within her own grief to even be functioning. It sounds like denial of the saddest sort.

I feel like when this bride approached her friends and family with this plan, it might have been in her best interest for them to stop her. Or at the very least they might have pointed out how she might think nothing of the mock ceremony, but to others who don't know her, going ahead even without Igor might read like callousness. Worse still, dressing up a dummy as an excuse to wear your wedding dress might make her seem like a bridezilla instead of a woman aching over the loss of the man she loved.

Do you think she was right to go ahead with the ceremony?


Image via Stevendepolo/Flickr

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