Couple Caught Satisfying Their Desires in the Most Dangerous Way

eisenhower expressway chicagoIt's bad enough when you see someone speeding alongside you on the highway texting or talking on their phone and clearly not paying full attention to the traffic around them. But imagine seeing someone going over 60 mph and ... having sex! Yep, apparently, there are daredevils who are all about the completely dangerous sexcapade. Two in particular who were caught having sex in their mini-van as it was speeding west of Chicago along the Eisenhower Expressway.

The insane incident probably would have gone undocumented had drivers in a nearby car not decided to film the whole thing! They took footage of a woman straddling the driver and very obviously getting busy, and then of course uploaded the clip to YouTube. Yeah ... um, no wonder it's recently gone viral.


You can't help but watch the NSFW, somewhat graphic clip and wonder what the hell was this couple thinking?! I'm all about people experimenting with whatever sexual experience floats their boat ... as long as it is safe and legal. I'd bet what they're doing here is this is anything BUT. Not to mention that they're totally putting their own lives and others' at risk.

Sure, adrenaline adds a little je nais sais quoi to sexytimes, but I can't help but look at this crazy couple's antics and think how there are a SLEW of smarter ways to score that rush! I mean, no one HAS to have sex in a moving vehicle to get their exhibitionistic kicks, right? Ugh. I can only hope this risky business-loving couple made it home in one piece -- and without hurting anyone else.

What's your reaction to this jaw-dropping clip?


Image via Vincent Desjardins/Flickr

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