Creepy Clown Terrorizes Small Town & Now There’s a New Place We’ll Never Visit

Now in totally creepy news that makes me glad not to live in the small U.K. town of Northampton, there’s a loitering clown that likes to stand on street corners and stare at random passersby. The unidentified bozo first appeared on Friday the 13th and looks like he just walked off the set of Stephen King’s It.

The strange stranger has appeared in several areas of town, always with the same red wig, white face makeup, all-in-one jumpsuit, and oversized bowtie. Occasionally he carries a clown teddy. 


He doesn’t do any of the fun clown things like ride a tiny bicycle or juggle or make balloon sculptures. He just ... stares. One woman reported that he knocked on her door and offered to paint her windowsills, even though he had no paint or brushes. She reported the suspicious behavior to the police.

Although he first appeared less than a week ago, the Northampton Clown has over 77,000 ‘likes’ on his Facebook page, where he tries to dispel the rumors that he’s carrying a knife.

Word to the wise: If you have to dispel rumors that you’re a knife wielding maniac because of how you’re dressed ... you might want to change clothes.

Ok, so it’s probably not illegal to look like a sociopath about to go on a murdering rampage while laughing maniacally in a scary clown costume, but what kind of person gets off on making people uncomfortable at best, and frightening them at worst?

Heck, a random guy standing on street corners staring at people is creepy enough. Put him in a clown suit? Unbearable.

Are you creeped out by the Northampton Clown, or is it all in good fun?


Image via Spot Northampton's Clown/Facebook

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