Kids Sang 'Ding-Dong the Witch Is Dead' After 'Evil Obituary' Mother Died

obituaryBy now you've probably heard about the kids who wrote the scathing -- and I do mean scathing -- obituary about their "evil" mother, Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick. "She is survived by her 6 of 8 children whom she spent her lifetime torturing in every way possible. While she neglected and abused her small children, she refused to allow anyone else to care or show compassion towards them" is a sweet, little excerpt from the shocking write-up. The kids -- all six of them -- agreed as a group that this was the lasting impression they wanted to leave of their mother on the world. And, needless to say, it's caused some controversy.

Some feel this was just ... too much. They're saying that, no matter how cruel a person is, you should try to find some positive after they're gone. But the kids don't want to hear it. In fact, they just admitted to singing "ding dong the witch is dead" upon hearing their mother died.

And when you hear about their story, it's kind of hard to argue with them.


In the 1960s, six of the eight Johnson-Reddick kids were admitted to an orphanage in Nevada. They lived there until they were 18, but would visit their mother on the weekends, where they were lined up and beaten with a steel-tipped belt. Apparently, the reason the kids were forced to spend time with their mother despite her abuse was because, at the time, Nevada law stated that parents' rights were more important than those of their children. When they got out of the orphanage, the kids contacted a state senator and lobbied for a change in the law, which went through in 1987.

The horror stories go on and on. In addition to the physical and verbal abuse they endured, they suffered from emotional abuse -- they were forced to sleep on the floor while their mother ran a prostitution business out of her home, right in front of their eyes. It's just heartbreaking, the things these kids went through. Their mother truly sounds like a terrible, terrible person, who seriously screwed her children up. It's terribly sad that this happened, and if this is Johnson-Reddick's kids' means of catharsis, who are we judge? They can't get their childhoods back. Let's at least give them this.

What do you think of this?


Image via Reno Gazette Journal

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