'Dead' Woman Sent to Morgue Turns Out to Be Alive!

woman discovered alive in morgueFile this one under truly horrifying. An elderly woman was sent to the hospital after a car crash. So far, so normal. Tragically, the accident killed her daughter and one of her four grandsons who were also in the vehicle. The driver, her 18-year-old grandson, survived.

Here's where it gets weird. After arriving at the hospital, doctors went to work caring for the survivors. The old woman was not responsive. The doctors took this to mean that the head trauma she experienced had taken her life. Then, they did what one does when someone dies in a hospital. They sent the woman's body to the morgue. It was there the attendants made a shocking discovery.


The woman was still alive! The opposite of dead. That's right, breathing and everything. Quickly, the woman was sent back into surgery where doctors operated on her for four hours. While she's still alive, the woman is now in a coma. This terrifying story begs the question, if they had realized she was alive sooner, would her outcome have been any different?

Stories like this one are becoming way too common. It's happened in Brazil, Russia, and here in the United States. Cursory research provides you with many accounts of patients incorrectly presumed dead. What does it say about the nature of modern medicine if determining even a patient's vital status is a challenge? To me, it sounds like doctors are under pressure to move too quickly, making errors that may cost patients their lives.

Do you think these cases are proof of a bigger problem in medicine?

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