Color & Shape Changing UFO Caught on Tape Will Make You a Believer (VIDEO)

ufoIf you don't believe in UFOs, I'd like to direct you to this video, please. In it, a group of black-eyed, silver-faced entities descend out of a yellow space craft and communicate with a group of human bystanders via mental telepathy. They then take a baby out of the group and beam back up into outerspace, leaving the parents grief-stricken and dumbfounded. Just kidding. But there is a really weird video of an Australian UFO sighting in which a flying object can be seen in the night sky, changing brightness and shape. Check it out, if you dare.


I'm no scientist, but I really have no idea what else that could possibly be in the sky. Looks pretty UFOish to me. If you're in the mood for a good Internet argument, feel free to peruse the comments at the bottom of the YouTube video where it was posted. There, people have all sorts of explanations as to why it is or isn't something extraterrestrial. And, no, the arguing isn't done in a civilized manner, which is probably half the reason the aliens are yet to show themselves.

Make what you will of this video, but me? I'm a believer. There's no way we're the only living creatures in the universe. And if it turns out we are, somebody hold me. I'm scared.

Do you believe in aliens, UFOs, and the like?


Image via Orbtracker/YouTube

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