Gross Man Mass Emails Sex Tape of Himself to Friends After Divorce Is Finalized

video cameraStewart Rahr goes by the nickname "Stewie Rah Rah Number 1 King of All Fun", so you know the dude likes himself a good time. For those of you who haven't heard of him (IE, most), let me give you a little background info: He's a pharmaceutical mogul worth $1.6 billion, and he just got divorced. He and his ex-wife Carol reached a settlement of $250 million last month, and Mr. Rah Rah is excited. See, he and Carol didn't have a prenup, because they got together 43 years ago -- "before he had 2 cents to rub together". So for him, $250 million is cause for celebration. And celebrate he did. With a group of ladies in the back of a limo in a most inappropriate way. Rahr then, for whatever reason, thought it would be a good idea to email a video of the "celebration" out to all of his high society friends.

Warning: Stewart Rahr has a much different idea of celebrating than most of us. They don't call him the Number 1 King of All Fun for no reason.


The New York Post has all the details of what exactly went on in Steve Rahr's sex tape, and well, I'll let you mosey on over there if you're interested. But I will say this: It's suspected that the video was filmed in the South of France, and apparently the Icona Pop song "I Love It" can be heard in the background (sorry to ruin that for you). At some point during or after the night, Rahr decided to email the video out to a group of friends with the caption "What a trip, what a crew!"

Some people, needless to say, were disgusted. One friend who received the clip said: "This is something nobody asked to see, but I know Stewart sent it to many people unsolicited. It puts Kim Kardashian’s video to shame." Gross.

Only an out of touch narcissist of the highest degree could ever do something like this. I mean, I don't know the inner workings of his and Carol's marriage -- nor do I care -- but regardless of what went on in their relationship, and how thrilled Rahr was to see it end, don't email a video like this unsolicited, dude! It's highly inappropriate and super creepy. Some of these people could have been at work when they got this. How far-removed can a person be to think other people are dying to see his sexual escapes on vacation? If a weird friend asks -- email away. But to do so without asking is really out of line. And, again, could have gotten some people in trouble.

It's always fun getting a smal glimpse of how the disgustingly wealthy live their lives. But moreover, it's fun when you realize that you want no part of it whatsoever.

What do you think of this?


Image via David Amsler/Flickr

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