'My Prostitute Isn't Pretty Enough' & 5 Other Dumb 911 Calls (PHOTOS)

street walkerIn today's daily dose of crazy, we have a man who called 911 for the most shocking of reasons -- to complain that the prostitute he had hired wasn't pretty enough. Yes, really.

Actually, he dialed 999 because it happened in the UK, but same difference. According to the Express & Star, he thought authorities should go after her for "breaching the Sale of Goods Act" for "making herself out to be better looking than she was."

I can only imagine how much composure it took the operator not to tell the guy he was out of his effing mind. Instead, he was advised that hiring prostitutes is illegal, and he got off with a warning letter. The whole thing would be completely unbelievable except for the fact that there are plenty of other ridiculously stupid reasons people call 911 -- here are five more of them.

What's the most bizarre reason you've heard of someone calling 911?


Image via Banalities/Flickr


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