Misspelled Sign in Oregon Drives Man to Do Something Completely Insane

pressure cookerWhile driving around, we've all seen misspelled signs in front of stores and even government institutions. The number of typos, grammatical errors, and misspellings all over the web are appalling. Seriously, this country is in DIRE need of more copy editors. That said, getting all worked up about a spelling error is never an excuse to get VIOLENT. Or threaten violence. Unfortunately, that's exactly what a spelling stickler in Oregon did yesterday.

Leonard Burdek walked into the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission office and placed a pressure cooker with wires sticking out of it on the counter, explaining that he had been trying to use it to blow up a sign outside. Why? Because he was aggravated by its spelling error, of course. The sign is missing the "d" in the word "and." ... I know.


Thank goodness police soon discovered the pressure cooker wasn't actually a bomb. But still! What the hell was this guy thinking? You just don't do something like that. You don't even joke about it, not in the wake of the Boston bombings or other recent violence our country has had to face in public institutions, like Sandy Hook.

Seriously, could Burdek have chosen a more inappropriate way to get all worked up about a misspelling? Hell, to say what he was threatening to blow up was a "misspelling" may actually be a misnomer. On most signs, it's more likely that the "d" just happened to go rogue -- either by falling off, fading away, or not lighting up anymore. In other words, it's not that someone thought it best to spell the word without it. In this case, it actually looks like the "d" was scratched off or faded over time. (Geeze, how nuts would it be if it was BURDEK who scratched it off?!)

Apparently, Burdek was all freaked out about other types of legit misspellings. A local paper reports that he complained that the instructions he downloaded to make the bomb also had misspellings, and the employees in the office should be concerned about the level of education children receive given that his instructions were rife with errors. WOW.

All in all, it sounds like the guy has more than a few screws loose  and/or was just looking for attention. So nuts. The only takeaway I see here is that this is a pretty obvious warning to anyone all worked up about something that drives them up a wall: Bomb threats are NEVER the right way get your point across.  

How insane is this?!

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