'Terrified' Bridal Party Gets Chased by T-Rex in Totally Off-the-Wall Wedding Photo (VIDEO)

t-rexAnd I thought I was being creative by collaborating with our photographers to do a Mad Men/Magic City TV promo style shoot of our bridal party! But as cool as our pics came out, none have been heralded as THE GREATEST WEDDING PHOTO IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. That honor has been bestowed, by various news sources today, to James Lowder and Katie Young for the hilarious gag shot their wedding photog Quinn Miller took of them with their bridal party ... and a T-rex.

Miller, who has been friends with groom James for a long time and knew James "loves dinosaurs," says he saw a similar shot of a dinosaur photobombing a wedding and adored the concept, but felt he could do an even better job PhotoShopping his own version. So, he said, "I put it to the groom, and he thought it would be a fun thing to do." The next thing you know, the couple and their 17-people-deep bridal party was hightailing it across a lawn at The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Ha!


Maybe it's because I'm a bit jaded from having looked at a ton of wedding content over the past year while planning my own, but I'm not sure this is the MOST creative wedding pic I've ever seen. It's a pretty amazing PhotoShop job and beyond fun, definitely, but meh, like Miller even admitted -- it was done before. That said, the trend toward doing something LIKE this is fantastic. I'll applaud it every time. 

Thank goodness, the trend has gone more toward doing at least a handful of less serious shots like this one, as opposed to sticking to the straightforward, stagnated, formal, posed, uptight style we've seen for eons. I know some parents are thrown for a loop when they hear their sons and daughters want to try something like this, but so what? That's why it works so well with a bridal party! Everyone here obviously GETS it. And that what made it all the more awesome -- and memorable.

Check out the photo in GMA's report on the viral sensation ...


What do you think about this wedding photo? Would you/did you try anything like this?


Image via Scott Kinmartin/Flickr

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