Missing Man Wanders Into News Report About His Disappearance (VIDEO)

missing man In a weird and sad story, a missing man wandered into a news report about himself recently. The man is 73-year-old Robert McDonough of Maine, and he had been missing for 14 hours. While the news crew was setting up the shot, McDonough, who has dementia, wandered into the background, completely unaware that people were looking for him. He was quickly identified and, thankfully, appeared to be unharmed.

The odds of this happening are incredibly slim, to say the least. And although it's a good thing that McDonough happened to walk into the news report, this really is heartbreaking. This poor man. Check out the unusual footage that may bring a tear to your eye but, ultimately, has a happy ending.


Although it's sad that McDonough has dementia and went missing in the first place (and it had to have been terrifying for his family), he really couldn't have walked into a better scene. Not only was he easily identified, he was able to get help right away. It's almost as if this was meant to be.

Glad McDonough is safe and sound and back with his family. And wow -- this is one crazy happenstance if I've ever seen one. As reporter Norm Karkos said in the newscast: "Sometimes timing is everything."

What do you think of this?


Image via wmtwtv/YouTube

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