Creepy Nightclub Lets Men Peek Into the Ladies' Room for a Mere $1,200

peeping tomsIf you ever meet an alien from outerspace and need to quickly define to it the difference between human males and females, just direct them to this post! For, lo, there is a nightclub in Scotland that will let men peep into the women's bathroom for the low, low price of $1,200

Ladies, I ask you: how much would you pay to peer into a public men's room? Does ZERO DOLLARS sound about right?


I can appreciate a hot guy, but I don't care if it's Jon Hamm in there with Brad Pitt: I do not want to be eavesdropping on what guys do behind closed bathroom doors. (No, not even Channing Tatum!) I think I'd actually rather look into a ladies' room -- at least then I could check out their outfits!

But men, oh men, they do not feel the same way, which is why the owners of the Shimmy Club in Glasgow installed two-way mirrors in their women's bathroom. Apparently there are signs on the mirrors that let women know they might be being spied on, but some commenters on the nightclub's Facebook page say the signs are easy to miss. CREEPY! And isn't this illegal?

It's one thing if you're into the idea of voyeuristic men with too much money to burn paying an arm and a leg to be a Peeping Tom as you put your lipstick on -- just hoping you'll, I don't know, adjust your bra or something. It's quite another if you have no idea they're there, watching. Shiver!

Is the idea of peeking into the men's room of a nightclub at all exciting to you? (I didn't say funny!)


Image via mahfrot/Flickr

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