Man Sets Up Camera to Catch Ghosts But What He Finds Is Even Scarier

One man thought his house was haunted -- but it turned out his relationship was. The man, who lives in Tasmania, Australia, set up a videocamera to catch spirits, but he instead caught flesh. Lots of it. Believing he had ghosts in his kitchen, the man decided to try to film the apparitions, but then forgot to turn the camera off. What he ended up catching on camera did give him quite a fright though -- it was the sight of his long-term girlfriend, who is the mother of his young child, having sex ... with his 16-year-old son. Boo!


The man confronted his girlfriend with the video evidence, but she reportedly "downplayed the incident." How you downplay that I have no idea, but this woman deserves some kind of award for even trying! That? Oh sure, I was bonking your 16-year-old son ... but it was just in a friendly way!

The couple had lived together for 11 years, which means she'd probably known her partner's son since he was 5 years old. The adult couple also have a young child.

The man called the police and the 28-year-old woman was arrested since the age of consent is 17. But she thought it was 16, she claimed. Which really doesn't make the thing any better, does it?

The teen boy went on to confess that he'd had sex with his sorta-stepmom several times in the house, and she went on to admit that she'd followed him to another part of Australia and had sex with him in a hotel room. They probably wanted to get away from those non-existent ghosts.

Here this guy was so dedicated to filming paranormal activity when right in front of his nose was extracurricular activity. Something went bump in the night all right, but it wasn't Casper! (Unless his son's name is Casper.)

Let this be a lesson to us all: Pay a little more attention to this world, and don't do so much worrying about the next one.

Did you ever set up a camera to catch one thing and got another?


Image via goldberg/Flickr

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