Cheating Wife's Half-Naked Lover Jumps Out Window After Husband Catches Them (VIDEO)

affairIt's like a scene out of a movie or trashy soap opera. Husband walks in on wife cheating. As they argue, her lover ties sheets together, climbs out of a third story window and attempts to scale down the building. That was the situation once unlucky, half-naked Brazilian man found himself in and the entire crazy, hilarious scene was caught on camera.


The poor guy was literally caught with his pants down. It must have been an incredibly scary situation for him. There he was in the throws of passion or about to be, then boom, in walks his lover's husband. In the video, you can see the spouses arguing on a balcony as the frightened man peers over from the ledge, clearly contemplating his escape. 

Now there has been speculation that this was all a hoax, but there is no denying that the guy was dangling from that building. And if it is true (which I kinda hope it is), how wacky is this entire situation? The enraged husband is heard yelling in Portuguese, "Who's shirt is this?' before flinging it down to the street. As the drama unfolds, a crowd gathers below taunting and teasing him. The fire department arrives with a big, blow-up tarp for him to land on. It's nuts.

Watch the wacky, Erica Kane-worthy drama here:

Crazy right? He's clearly pissed at both the married couple and the crowd (as evidenced by him shaking his fists toward the balcony and then to the laughing mass of people). Though I have to hand it to him -- he is quick thinking. I don't know how he fashioned that sheet-rope so fast. It was gutsy to climb onto that ledge and dangle there precariously. He is lucky to have gotten away safely. Wonder if he thinks that fling was worth all that trouble?

Do you think this daring escape was smart or stupid?

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