Bowler Shoots Himself & Makes Us Wonder How Many Other People Pack Heat in Their Pockets (VIDEO)

It's never funny when someone shoots himself with a gun, but if ever there was a case in which we might have to stifle a chuckle at least, it's this one from Florida. There at Jupiter Lanes a bowler managed to shoot himself in the leg while bowling.

According to WPBF, it was a complete accident. One minute he was picking up his ball and swinging it back to make a strike, and the next his gun went off. Other bowlers were understandably terrified when they heard the shot.


Fortunately, no one else was hurt besides the man carrying the gun. Even his injuries are thankfully said not to be serious or life-threatening, so it could have been much worse. It was bad enough though ... on many levels.

Apparently, the unidentified man was keeping the gun right there in his pocket because ... I have no idea why. And why anyone would think trying to bowl with a gun in his pocket was a good idea simply baffles me. Did I mention this took place in Florida? (Relax Floridians, I'm one of you, so I feel like I have the right to marvel at all of the craziness that goes down in our state.)

In all seriousness though it really does make you wonder how many other people out there are carrying guns in random places, and in such unsafe manners.

I'm not completely anti-gun by any means, but it's stories like this (and plenty of others) that really do highlight the need we have in this country for some pretty strong reform of the regulations surrounding firearms. I say we start with one new rule that should meet NO opposition -- no guns allowed while bowling.

Do you know anyone who would carry a gun in their pocket?


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