Bigfoot’s Giant, Decomposed Paw May Have Been Uncovered in Massachusetts’ Woods (PHOTO)

bigfootFans of folklore, this could be the moment you've been waiting for. Medical examiners are currently investigating a giant decomposed paw that a few boys found in the woods in Massachusetts. The foot has five toes and looks human, but it's too large to be of mankind ... leading hopefuls to believe that it's Bigfoot's foot. Bigfoot's foot, you guys!


And really, there's no better body part to find than this one. When it comes to Bigfoot, this is the perfect token to examine.

Sightings of Bigfoot, a.k.a. Sasquatch, have been a point of interest and fun for years. Most recently, back in January, it was rumored that the hairy beast had been caught, and that his DNA was being extracted to confirm that the gargantuan man-animal was who everyone thought he was.

No word on whether or not Bigfoot's still in that guy's basement in Dallas, but never fear! This new, decomposed piece of the puzzle will certainly breathe new life into the undying rumor that we're not the only bipedal uprights in North America.

However, some boring, no-fun nerds are saying the paw could belong to a bear, but I know you're with me and will hold out for the full investigation, phalanges crossed that this is the evidence we always knew existed.

Think this is Bigfoot's foot?


Photo via Lakeville Police Department

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