Man Survives Boston Bombing AND Texas Explosion -- What Are the Odds?!

boston marathonBetween the Boston Marathon bombing and the explosion at the fertilizer plant in Texas, it's been an absolutely horrible week for the United States. But for one man, it's been completely surreal. Joe Berti, 43, happened to be in both places when the tragedies occurred. He had finished running the Boston Marathon seconds before the bombs went off on Monday, and then on Wednesday, he was driving back from a meeting in Dallas when he saw the explosion in West, Texas. And shockingly, he managed to escape both completely unscathed.


On being in Boston, Berti said: "I had just run to the finish line and like 30 seconds later I heard the first explosion, and then turned around and saw the smoke. I knew immediately that it was a bomb ... Then the second explosion occurred and I saw a wave of people running." And in regards to Texas, he stated: "[I thought] you've got to be kidding! My next reaction was to get out of there because something fell on the top of my car -- some debris or something fell from the sky."

What are the odds? Could you imagine having lived through the horror in Boston, and then witnessing yet another explosion days later? Terrifying. But also -- what a lucky guy.

Both Berti and his wife, who was at the Boston Marathon and closer to the bombs, made it out without as much as a scratch. Berti was in two of the worst possible places this week, yet manages to be perfectly fine. Obviously, this man has someone watching out for him, or he did something pretty unbelievable in another life -- the chances of this happening are almost hard to believe.

The Bertis feel extremely fortunate that they're both fine, as any person would. "We're grateful that God has been merciful to us," Berti's wife, Amy, said in an interview. "We are just praying for the people who were so much less fortunate than we were."

Yes, Amy, pray. Because clearly you guys have some serious pull up there, and people can use all the help they can get right now.

How crazy is this?

Image via hahatango/Flickr

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