Couple Discovers They Were Photographed Together as Kids 15 Years Before Falling in Love (PHOTO)

couple disney photographIf you thought destiny only existed in books and films, think again. Alex and Donna Voutsinas' romantic story proves some couples were always meant to be. Just a few days before their wedding, the two came across a 1980 family photo of little Donna at Disney World -- and, incredibly, little Alex in a stroller being pushed by his dad in the background. In other words, the couple actually crossed paths 15 years before they met, fell in love, and got married. Ooh, it gives me chills. It's like they were always meant to find one another -- just like Matt Damon and Emily Blunt's characters in The Adjustment Bureau or Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in Splash (love those movies).

You might recall that the story and image went viral back in 2010, but when it was recently posted on Reddit, it set off a whole new string of amazing responses that are sure to restore your faith in fate ...


Like Reddit user that70sfan's story:

My husband and I were captured in 2 different photos on our college campus together before we knew each other. One was his bocce match where I happened to show up to watch and the other was the day we recognized National Merits at our school at halftime of a football game. Oh, and yes, we are nerds.

Or Reddit user JehuLove said about how his girlfriend sent him a photograph she took with her friends months before, and ...

There I was, in the background, photobombing her picture like a gigantic dork, a month before we'd ever met, in a city three hours from either of our homes.

Crazy, right? Just goes to show serendipity and destiny aren't figments of our imagination, and we don't have to rely on Hollywood to feed our hopeless romanticism. There's plenty of magic in real life, too!

Check out the CBS News story on the serendipitous events that just go to show Alex and Donna were always meant to be ...


Do you believe your marriage was "meant to be"?


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