29-Year-Old Bloodsucker Is Either An 'Addict' Or An Actual Vampire (VIDEO)

blood addictObviously a reality series by the name of My Strange Addiction is going to feature some pretty bizarre behavior. But personally, I think there's always some underlying pathology for whatever the "strange addiction" of the week happens to be. (Maybe this is because I've watched a few thousand hours too many of House, but whatever.) Like, clearly the woman addicted to eating clay masks was suffering from Pica, a disorder which makes you eat non-food items and sometimes stems from mineral deficiencies. Cat hair-eating lady? I call Pica (again!). Coffee enemas ... just another form of stimulant abuse!

The balloon sex guy, honestly, I gave up trying to figure out. But I'm determined to find the REAL reason why My Strange Addiction season finale subject, 29-year-old tattoo artist Michelle, drinks a quart of blood every day -- and has since she was a teenager.


Sure, it's pig's blood, not human blood (she prefers pig's blood over cow's blood because it has a "saltier, gamier" taste). And after all these years of pounding plasma, she says she gets cranky and unpleasant when she can't have her blood fix first thing in the morning -- she won't even want to leave the house.

Okay, all very strange and very addictive. But from whence does Michelle's craving come? There had to be an explanation that made some sense ... except, guess what? After spending way more researching this "addiction" online than I intended to, this is all I really learned:

1. There are lots and lots of forums and chat rooms for people who believe that they're vampires but, at the same time, are very pragmatic about not contracting blood-borne diseases.

2. There is no specific disorder or condition that makes a person crave blood.

3. Maybe Michelle could use an iron supplement?

Anyway, check out this clip and let me know ...

Do you have any idea what would make this woman would drink blood every day for years?


Image via TLC

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